Caring for Your Leather Products

Just like human beings, leather needs to be treated carefully in order to age gracefully and last many years. Here’s a guide we’ve prepared to help you care for your LeWhisper leather products.
Leather Care
We care for every leather bag before shipping to obtain the finest look. Keep leather out of direct heat/sunlight for prolonged periods of time so it doesn’t dry out, crack or fade unevenly. If your leather gets wet, pat dry with paper towels, pack loosely with paper and let it air dry (do not apply more heat).
To maintain the rich and elegant appearance, as well as the durability of leather, we recommend to care for your bag with mink oil every 2 months with the following steps:
              1. remove dust over leather surface with a piece of clean soft cloth;
              2. dip a little mink oil with sponge, apply the oil gently over leather until it’s fully absorbed;
              3. let it dry naturally, avoid direct sunlight;
              4. wipe leather with a clean soft cloth in a fast pace to maintain a polished appearance.
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